‪#‎wearehere‬ original poem (Inspired by alicia keys)

We are here,

Cause we got a purpose to fulfill.

No stopping now, no standing still,

Cause we are here.

Look up to the heaven,

To ask God a good question.

Pondering my own existence,

Which led to these revelations.

We are here,

For a problem that is surrounding us.

Not a maybe, no stalling, it is a must,

Cause we are here.

Why are we here?

Surrounded by death and fear.

Maybe we are here to make a change.

Love, itself has no time to be estrange.

Why are we here?

Losing those who are dear.

Maybe we have to make a choice.

We can reunite as one voice.

We are here,

Because we were made to love.

Granted the greatest gift from above,

To be here.



Were no stranger of you.

We see you in our children, in our grandparents,

All of our family and friends.

We see you in our hearts,

In our lungs, in our bodies.

See you everywhere.

We feel you,

When we breath, cough,

Laugh, or sing.

When we dance,

Cry, play.

Feel you everywhere.

We remember you,

From our scarred skin and tissues,

From our balding heads.

From our lost limbs.

From too many trips to the doctor.

Remember you all the time.

We cry over you,

For our dying,

For our dead.

For the survivors,

Cry over everyone.

We’re no stranger of you, Cancer.

Venus Kisses The Moon (Original Poem)

Venus of glowing yellow,

Moon’s light so mellow.

Very softly and very soon,

Venus kisses the Moon.

Keep it a secret says Venus,

This will be a secret among us.

I will guard it with my life says the Moon,

No one will know, not even a clue.

Venus of great burning fire,

Moon’s glistening silver attire.

Very quick before it is noon,

Venus kisses the moon.

Do not let the other planets know says Venus,

they all would tell the sun and make a fuss.

They will never know says the moon,

I will always stay faithful to you.

Venus light still burn’s gold,

Moon has never grown old.

A story that’s been told and is true,

When Venus kissed the Moon.

The Leatherback Turtle

In its tiny shell,

This infant is born,

By the seashore.

Left at Birth,

It has all the knowledge needed,

Taught through the womb.

It must break its sac,

And follow the beam of light,

From the moonlight hitting the calming seas.

The soft and gentle tide approaches,

Sweeps it up into its slippery wet arms,

To return to the unknown, the ocean, their home.

Down in the deep blue,

The leatherback turtles,

Take their first swim.

Splish, splash,

And pitter, patter,

These turtles go.